Drawing a pencil

Select rounded rectangle tool. Drag the tool on canvas from left to right to create a thin rounded rectangle. Make sure you press shift while creating this so that it comes straight.

Select Path selection tool and select path. Press Ctrl+C and press Ctrl+V to copy paste the path. Now using down arrow key to move the path downwards. Repeat the steps once again to create one more rounded rectangle below.

Select rectangle tool.
Enable "subtract from shape area" at the top bar.
Create a rectangle using rectangular shape tool as shown below.
Press Ctrl+T. Right Click and select Warp.
Select Squeeze from the preset warp shape at the top bar and adjust the settings as shown.

Again Press Ctrl+T. Right Click and select Warp and select squeeze again.

Drag Path selection tool above all shapes to select all the paths and click Combine from the top bar.

Using the path selection tool select the first rounded rectangle and press Ctrl+X. Create a new layer and press Ctrl+V. It will be pasted as a new path in path window.
From layer menu select Vector Mask>Current Path. The path will be converted to a shape in a new layer. all this exercise because we want these shapes on separate layer so that we can color it differently.
Change the color to a lighter shade of blue.
Repeat the steps mentioned above for the third rounded rectangle and also color it with the lighter shade of blue.
Double click the layer to open layer style window. Apply settings as shown.
Select custom shape tool (U). From the preset shapes at the top bar select triangle shape.
Press Ctrl+T. Right Click and select Rotate 90° CCW.
Move this layer below all the layers in layer order in layer palette.
Create one more triangle for the lead tip. Fill it with black color and place it as shown
Select all the layers. Press Ctrl+T Right Click and rotate. Select all the layers and Press Ctrl+E to merge the layers together.
Double click the layer to open layer style window. Apply settings as shown.