Drawing a guy - detailed tutorial

In this tutorial we'll explain step by step how to draw a guy. Since most of the work is done through pen tool we have included a flash clip where you can see how to work with pen tool.

Lets start by creating a new file. Using pen tool draw shirt. if you are new to pen tool, have a look at the flash clip below. Also notice a few instructions below the flash clip.

With pen tool selected draw the trousers of the guy. Most of it are straight lines.

Using pen tool, create the face shape of the guy. have a look at the shape below.
Create a random shape for the neck. Since this layer will go below the face layer and the shirt layer, it's exact shape doesn't matter much. It's more of a space filler.

Follow the shape below to draw hair of the guy.

Using pen tool draw the guy's arms.

Create simple straight lines to draw shoes of the guy using pen tool.

This is how the guy will look once you are done with all the basic parts of his figure.

Now create foreground color for skin. Select face layer and press Alt+Del to fill the face layer with skin color. Also select neck and arms layers and fill with same color.

Similarly select shirt and trouser layers and fill with colors of your choice. Fill solid black color in hair and shoes.

Once you fill all the parts with colors, it's time to add some shadow/highlights. A little work with shadows goes a long way in creating the professional look.

using pen tool create some basic shapes on trouser as shown below. Choose a darker shade than the original trouser color.


Similarly using pen tool add shadow areas for the shirt using a darker shade.
Now we'll draw shades for the guy. Draw a rounded rectangle using rounded rectangle tool.

Press Ctrl+T and right click to select Distort. Move the handles to create a shape as shown below.

Similarly create glass for the other side. This time make it a little smaller. Or you can just duplicate the first glass. Press Ctrl+T, right click and select flip horizontal and scale it down.
Using pen tool draw other facial features like nose and lips. Keep the shapes simple as shown below. Also using a dark brown shade draw a shade shape below the neck.
Now let's add a couple of pockets to the shirt. Draw a rounded rectangle using rounded rectangle tool.
Double click the layer to open layer style window. Apply settings as shown below.
From layer palette reduce the opacity to 0%.
Press Ctrl+J to duplicate the layer. Press Ctrl+T and rotate a bit. Place it on the other side of the chest.
Select rounded rectangle tool. enable subtract from shape area from the options bar at the top and draw a rounded rectangle as shown below.
Create another rounded rectangle. Fill it with a lighter shade.

Place it on top of the pocket. Select rectangle tool. Enable subtract from shape area from the options bar at the top and draw a rectangle as shown below.

This will serve as a flap on the pocket.
Similarly add a flap to the other pocket.
TIme to add a thin outline to all the parts. Double click the shirt layer to open layer style window and apply the settings shown below.
Repeat the step to outline all other parts like trouser, face, lips etc to add stroke to all. Just change the stroke color to dark brown for skin parts.
Select one of the glasses of shades. Double click to open layer style window. Enable gradient overlay.
Click on gradient swatch to open gradient editor.
Select two colors and move the small triangles of colors to create a gradient as shown below. Press OK.
Also enable stroke to add stroke of a dark blue gray shade.
Apply same layer style to the other glass too.
The guy is almost done. Lets draw a white T-Shirt to make him look even more trendy.
Using rectangle tool create a white rectangle.
Enable subtract from shape are a t the top bar. using ellipse tool draw an ellipse as shown below.
Move this layer below the shirt layer but above the neck layer in layer order in layer palette. Press Ctrl+T and rotate a bit.
Double click the layer in layer palette to open layer style window. Apply settings as shown below to complete the guy.