Drawing a girl - detailed tutorial

In this tutorial we'll explain step by step how to draw a girl. Since most of the work is done through pen tool we have included flash clips where you can see how to work with pen tool.

Lets start by creating a new file and selecting ellipse tool.

Drag the tool on canvas area to create an ellipse.

Select pen tool.
At the top bar make sure its in shape layers mode. just keep in mind whenever you want to use pen tool to draw something "shape layers" should be enabled. The other mode is used when you want to use path tool to create a path for making selections.

Enable add to shape area at the top bar.

Using pen tool draw the girl's torso as shown below.Iif you are new to pen tool, have a look at the flash clip below. Also notice a few instructions below the flash clip.



After creating the torso you may want to adjust a few nodes. For this, Select direct selection tool.

Click on a node and adjust the position of node to get it correct.

Select rounded rectangle tool. Drag on canvas to create a thin rounded rectangle. We'll turn this into waist band.

Press Ctrl+T to get the transform handles. Right click and select "warp"

From preset warp shapes at the top bar select Arch.


Apply arch settings on top bar as shown. Having a negative Bend value bends the shape in downward direction.

Again select pen tool and draw girl's skirt.

If you are new to pen tool, have a look at the flash clip below. Also notice a few instructions below the flash clip.


With pen tool again draw girl's legs.
Draw two small shapes for the hair/head portion.
Draw girl's pony tails on both sides of the head as shown below.
Select custom shape tool.
From the preset custom shape fly out at the top bar select the bow shape.
Drag on canvas to draw the shape.
Press Ctrl+T to get the transform handles. Right click and select distort.
Squeeze and distort it. Place it on the pony tail. Duplicate the layer and place the ribbon on the other tail too.
Select torso layer. From layer palette, reduce the opacity to 40%.
We reduce the opacity temporarily so that we can draw her top above it. use pen tool and draw the top as shown below.

Once you are done with the top select the torso layer again and change opacity to 100%.

Select the skirt layer. From the bottom of the layer palette click on fx and select "Gradient Overlay"

Styles window will open with many options to choose from.
Click on gradient bar to open gradient editor.
Select the small triangular shape and then click on color swatch to create the color you want for the skirt gradient. I selected a dark blue color. similarly select the small triangle on the other side and create the second color of the gradient. Press OK.
The gradient is filled in the skirt.
Right click the skirt layer and select copy layer style.
Right click the layer where we created girl's top. Select paste layer style.
The same gradient is applied to the top too.
Now repeat the same steps to apply gradient on body parts. Here i create dark to light skin color gradient.
Keep selecting various parts of girl's body and applying gradients. For hair I used black to dark brown gradient.
Select blue color as a foreground color. Select ribbons layer and press Alt+Del to fill a solid blue color in ribbons. Similarly fill the solid black color in waist band.
Now we'll add a thin outline to all the layers. Select skirt layer. Double click the layer to open layer style window. Apply settings as shown.
Similarly apply stroke layer styles to all layers.
Lets add some pattern to the girl's dress. Select brush tool.
From the top bar click brush preset picker.
Select scattered Maple Leaves brush.
CReate a new layer. Select light blue as a foreground color. Apply the brush randomly over the dress.
Select skirt layer. press Ctrl and click on vector mask thumbnail to get selection of the skirt.
Press Shift and Ctrl and click on vector mask thumbnail of top layer to add the top selection to the selection of the skirt.
Press Shift+Ctrl+I to invert the selection.
Make sure the maple leaves pattern layer is selected. Press delete to remove the pattern outside the dress area.
From layer palette change layer mode to soft light.
Using pen tool create the pleats in her skirt. Take a darker shade of blue as the foreground color before drawing.
Draw more pleats in her skirt. Or duplicate the previous one and rotate and scale it to create more pleats.
Lets draw the facial features. using pen tool draw one eye. You can see the flash clip below to find out how exactly draw an eye.


Similarly draw the other eye, lips and finger lines with pen tool. to complete the girl.